Another Don Imus Victim: Deirdre & Her Book

April 12, 2007

You gotta be feeling for Deirdre Imus.

Earlier this week she was the one being featured on the The Today Show as she promoted her book, Green This! Greening Your Cleaning, and told of her love of lemon juice (we must be soul sisters) in a friendly chat with Ann Curry. There was even a video segment showing Deirdre green cleaning a house like a hurricane.

But then her husband Don Imus and his outrageous comments brought on a storm of a different kind, efficiently wiping away her dream of a smooth rockin’ book promotion month that not even a peaceful Earth Day could solve.

What’s a green cleaning book author to do?

My friends joke that the M in Donna M. Kozik stands for Marketing. They’re not far off the mark, actually, and I spent a good 10 minutes today thinking about how to solve Deirdre Imus’s situation.

Frankly, I couldn’t come up with much.

But, for what it’s worth, if I were her marketer/publicist I would:

  • Try to postpone Martha Stewart and other shows for a week or two.
  • Concentrate heavily on print publications that are more removed from news.
  • Get prepared with a smooth answer when asked about the controversy. (No small assignment there.)

It’s a tough, tough situation. I’m going to keep thinking.

Any other suggestions?


Finding a Font

March 24, 2007

I’ve been involved in copywriting and promotion for years and years, and although I’d never fool myself into thinking I know everything about everything, I’ve always thought I knew something about most things marketing.

Well, I got a wake up call on that front Friday that came compliments of picking a font for the My Big Business Card logo.

Fonts are big business. And there are tons and tons out there created by many, many, many talented people.

There are also some creative font names, which I just loved. (Even if the fonts didn’t quite do it for me.)

For example, I found fonts called:

  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Redhead Goddess
  • Tall, Dark & Handsome (my favorite font name)

How cool is that?

For My Big Business Card, I suggested Ty, my fantastic logo creator, consider, among others, fonts named London Between, Boris Black Boxx, MK Latino and Goodfish.

Stay tuned for which one wins the My Big Business Card Font Idol selection…

— Donna