Time Is Not Your Friend

April 21, 2007

“When you’re an aspiring writer, time is not your friend.”

So says Tim Maleeny, author of Stealing the Dragon and who’s the centerpiece of a Visual Thesaurus article this week.

I agree with him wholeheartedly–whether its fiction or non-fiction, it makes no matter–there’s a time to research, and a time to get down to business and write. And it’s not always a linear process. (Really, when it comes to something that even has a smack of creativity, what is?)

Says Tim in the piece:

“Initially the plan was to write what I knew, then write what I imagined to be true and check my facts. Seemed like a viable approach at the time, and that’s how the process began. I spent hours reading, going to the library, calling friends… I learned a lot, which made me want to learn even more. Ideas multiplied, split apart, became new ideas that took my story in entirely new directions.

“There was just one little problem: I wasn’t writing.

“If I was ever going to finish the book, I was going to have to make things up. Stop reading, stop talking, and start writing.”

Good stuff. Read the whole piece here.


Write a Book by Repurposing Your Prose

March 21, 2007

One of my goals is to guide business owners in getting their books written ASAP.

And, if you write an e-zine or even keep a journal, you probably already have a ton of good material that means you’re more than half way there.

When I was orchestrating a move across the country from Erie, Pa., to San Diego, Calif., I kept detailed notes, to-do lists and entries in my personal journal about the move. (And, thank goodness, I’ve been blessed with an excellent memory for the good stuff!)

Soon after I relocated to sunny San Diego, it occurred to me I had the makings of a great moving guidebook just with my notes and journal records. Soon, and with the help of my co-author and best bud, Tara Maras, 29 Days to a Smooth Move: A Complete Household Moving Manual was published.

I recently interviewed author Donna Maria Johnson, who had a similar experience. “I’ve been writing a newsletter since 2000,” says Johnson. “Much of the material for my three books came from the newsletter. I just cut and paste.

Johnson, author of Making Aromatherapy Creams & Lotions, Lifestyle CEO and The Handmade Beauty Cookbook, said when you have a full plate, it can be difficult to come up with chunks of time to dedicate to writing a book.

So it’s worth it to go back and see what you already have written.

Johnson is now writing her fourth book, 52 Weeks to Change Your Business Life, along with running her trade organization, Indie Beauty Network.

Why not start turning your already work into a book today? Contact me, and I’ll show you how to get started.

— Donna

Donna @ MyBigBusinessCard.com