Giveaways Get Your Business

Everybody loves freebies.

My desk is cluttered with giant paper clips, notepads and more pens than I could possibly ever write with–all compliments of local businesses. People love free stuff and they almost always keep it. (You’ll never find me throwing away a perfectly good pen.)

It’s no different with a book. In fact, you give a book to someone and they will always have it or find someone else who wants it. I think everyone’s squeamish at the thought of pitching a book in the trash. Can’t say the same about that glossy brochure now, can you?

Wally Adamchik, author and leadership speaker/consultant, says he uses his book as a business card. “I’m not shy about giving it out either,” says the retired United States Marine Corp officer. “I hand out copies of my book like it’s candy.”

That’s probably part of the reason why his book, NO YELLING: The Nine Secrets of Marine Leadership You Must Know to Win in Business, landed in some sweets spots, including being mentioned in Fortune Small Business and other national trade publications. And why Wally saw his speaking business take off.

After all, if people don’t know about you and your book then they can’t hire you. Give it away to any potential leads. And, if you’re courting a company, give enough copies to make their way around the executive offices with a few to spare.

I guarantee you’ll get noticed!


2 Responses to Giveaways Get Your Business

  1. EelKat says:

    you almost quoted me here; I own a writer’s group, mostly for self-publishers of fiction, and one question I hear alot is: Why aren’t my books selling?

    My answer always is: How are you marketing it? I than through out a few ideas on how they can create a marketing plan, followed by the quote:

    If people don’t know your book is for sale, how well they know they want to buy it?

    I love your pot about freebies; yep, one of my guilty pleasures is hunting down free take-home-items… pens, buttons, and magnets get my top vote

  2. EelKat says:

    WordPress needs a spell-check feature for comments… 😦

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