Book Titles: Picking Right

What’s in a name? A lot! 

It’s the difference between motivating someone to pick up your book or to simply pass it by.

I remember struggling with headlines when I was a magazine editor in Erie, Pa.  Sometimes I’d change the headlines on the cover story five or six times until I was satisfied that it was going to pull the reader in. It’s the same idea for a book title.

Established author and speaker Kendall SummerHawk agrees. She’s the author of the book Brilliance Unbridled and has been dubbed the “horse whisperer” for business.

“Come up with a working title,” she says. “You’ll want a lot of time to continue to craft your title and refine it. Finally, create four possible titles and test them.”

SummerHawk suggests asking the right people – not your family or staff members (since they’ll probably LOVE it!). Go to the people who are your intended audience. “Don’t ask which one of the four titles they like because they may not like any of them, but won’t want to hurt your feelings,” said SummerHawk. “Instead ask if any of the titles would motivate them to pick up a book off the shelf and look at it. And ask if it would motivate them to buy it.”

Go to the right people and test your title to make your book a winner.

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One Response to Book Titles: Picking Right

  1. EelKat says:

    yep, I agree… I usually have a couple of working titles for each of my stories… I also have a notebook, that lists thousands of “possible titles”, which I like playing around with… sometimes I get story ideas from the titles

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