Book Junkies: Get Your Hit Here

I caught up on some of my own “fun” reading this weekend and found some sites for book junkies listed in the March issue of O magazine. is a clearinghouse of independent bookstores. Just put in your Zip code to find where you can buy the book in your neighborhood and support the local is the Netflix of books. For a monthly fee, that starts at $8.50, your selected reading material is mailed to you, along with a prepaid return envelope. As article writer Whitney Fuller says, “We just love it when technology comes full circle.” is compared to a MySpace and members connect by commenting on each other’s virtual bookshelves. You make your picks and the site uploads photos of the books to stack them on a shelf for others to take a gander. If they like what they see, they just click and are taken to Amazon where they can buy the book.

I couldn’t resist and started my shelf — wanna see?

— Donna


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