Book Writing, Real Estate: Two of My Favorite Topics Come Together

I was driving back from Las Vegas Saturday and heard the tail end of Marketplace Money on KPBS here in San Diego.

On the show, Tess Vigeland (awesome interviewer) spoke with Elizabeth Razzi (awesome last name) about changes in the housing market and how sellers now have to work for buyers instead of having them line up at the door, earnest money in hand, as in days past.

Razzi gave some good tips on what sellers can do to make their homes more appealing. Most I had heard before, yet some were new to me. (I’m an example of a little knowledge being dangerous since I co-wrote a book on household moving and am a real estate marketing consultant.)

Razzi was a great interview, though. And I suspect that although she repeated what any real estate agent knows, she was picked to be on the air with Tess partly because she has a book: The Fearless Home Seller (awesome title). (Although a quick Google search shows she’s also written for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine and has been heard on NPR before, so the woman is obviously tagged as a go-to expert in the media.)

I gotta wonder how it all came together for her, though. So I found her e-mail address and asked if she’d be willing to be interviewed by My Big Business Card.

Let’s see what she says. Stay tuned…


One Response to Book Writing, Real Estate: Two of My Favorite Topics Come Together

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