Book Writing for Business: Chocolate Unwrapped

Making and selling beach glass jewelry has been really hot the last few years in my hometown of
Erie, Pa. (I left for the sunnier climate of San Diego more than 5 years ago, but still keep up with the folks in Erie.)


One store there—Relish—sells hand-crafted jewelry using authentic
Lake Erie beach glass. No piece is the same, and colors range from clear, the most common, to red, the rarest (my favorite is electric blue). Relish does well in
Erie, but just think of the possibilities if the co-owners wrote a book. They could explain the different kinds of beach glass, how the jewelry is made and how they got started. Relish could become an international business.

That’s what happened to Alison Nelson, owner of Chocolate Bar—a store that sells, you guessed it, chocolate. Or the experience of chocolate. Only three months after opening Chocolate Bar in
Manhattan, Alison was approached by a customer, who was also an editor, about writing a book.

The result was Recipes and Entertaining Ideas for Living the Sweet Life.  The book, like the store, takes a fun approach to chocolate connoisseurship with classic and quirky recipes, cool entertaining ideas and fascinating facts about fabulous chocolate. (Alas, I’ve sworn off indulging in the stuff, but reading about it sounds sweet to me.)


“As soon as the book was on and in Barnes & Noble, my Web site business boomed,” says Alison.   

Eventually she opened a second location in the café of a dance theater workshop and a third location in the trendy Henri Bendel. Chocolate Bar Toronto will be opening later this year. 

“You can get caught up in running the business, but writing pulls you back,” adds Alison.  “It helps you see what you can do better.” It also helps generate more business. Thanks to the Internet, I don’t see anything stopping Alison from world-wide chocoholic acclaim. Good for her!


What do you think? Ready for a book to boost your business, too?

If so, let’s chat!  

— Donna

Donna @


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