Write a Book, Get a New Name

After publishing a book, you have something nobody can ever take away: the title of author.

And, I’ll tell you what, that’s a pretty handy title to have when you’re looking for new clients.

I’ve dropped that fact into conversations myself when speaking with a prospective client and, it never fails, that prospect client sits up and takes notice. “You’re an author? Tell me about that.” And our relationship is off and running.

Sally Stewart, a public relations guru based in Santa Monica (one of my favorite places) and former reporter for USA Today (my favorite newspaper), found the same thing to be true. After publishing her book, Media Training 101: A Guide to Meeting the Press she found herself bringing in some amazing clients, including a company based in Prague. The book is always given to potential clients so they can see that Sally is an authority in what she does. And it also gives them a heads up into her on-target PR strategies and what she can do for them.

Writing a book really is the best business card you can have,” says Sally. “It legitimizes who you are and what you do.”


Contact me at Donna @ DonnaKozik.com to get started in publishing your own book—and get that sought-after title of author.


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